Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the ups and the downs.

I've been seriously fighting the urge to write a whiney post. Maybe that's why there's been 0 activity on here in two weeks - right now I am seriously overwhelmed and, well, whiney. Finally I remembered that we started this blog in order to document the ups and the downs so *sigh*…here goes. 

For the last few weeks we've been working like crazy people to get this home study paperwork done.  Order this, sign that, print this, go here, get that, notarize EVERYTHING. It seems never-ending. And this is supposed to be the easiest part of the whole deal?? Oh mylanta. 
And to top it all off, the only thing I seemed to be able to get done quickly and have almost complete control over is now royally out of control. I ordered 12 birth certificates total (3 for each of us) and, get this…

my NAME is misspelled. 
On every last one of 'em. 

And for the life of me I cannot get anyone to answer the phone at Austin Vital Records so that they can print me up a few new ones. I've now spent 5+ hours on the phone trying to get through and calling a few other places (including the agency from whom I placed the order who assured me that they can do nothing and wonders, "Are you sure that that's not just how your name is spelled and you've been misspelling it for 26 years?").  I am resorting to the only thing I know to do now. Cry. And tomorrow, when I call all of those numbers again the first unlucky soul to answer the phone will be bombarded with the only thing I have left - a good, hard sob. 
Poor guy. Or girl. Preferably a guy…and we all know why.

On a brighter note, here's Brandon drawing a picture of what he thinks our baby will look like. 
We had to do this for one of our adoption education courses.

I would post the picture of the final product but it's really pretty comical. 
(think: football player shoulders on a baby girl.)

hmm, maybe I will post it. :)

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  1. I assure you that I was on absolutely no medication when I gave birth or when I filled out the birth certificate. You are definitely not the one misspelling your name. Just remind them that it is spelled correctly on every other copy of your birth certificate we ever got and on your passport. Since the misspelling is ONLY on the 3 copies that were sent at the same time, the mistake is obviously theirs. Maybe you should place a call to your state senator.