Monday, October 24, 2011

Fundraiser #1 - complete!

Our first fundraiser is officially behind us, and as you can see, 
it put us a lot closer to our first goal!
After it was all done and everything was counted, 
we had made just about $1,900 which made our total $4,442. 
Only $3,558 to go!

People started showing up an hour early - as soon as the sun came up!

We had a little of everything…including the kitchen sink.

Yard sales are incredibly annoying. 
They're stressful, tiring, and way more work than they're usually worth. 
But, this one was wonderful and was worth every single second of work that went into it. 
We're a little over half way to our first goal! 

(We are incredibly grateful to all of you that donated "treasures" 
and your time to make this happen. 
We could never thank you enough, and we love you all.)

The yard sale's "closing ceremonies."

Monday, October 17, 2011

what made me cry today.

I simply cannot comprehend this. I can't wrap my mind around the 5 million that live in Ethiopia alone, much less 147 million?!  That's 147 million people that will never hear their birth story. Never see a picture of themselves as a newborn baby wrapped up against their mother's chest. Never be playfully thrown into the air and land safely in the arms of their father. Nobody cares if it's their birthday. Or if they get enough to eat. Or if they've outgrown their shoes. These children are out there literally on their own.

My heart hurts.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"how many kids do you have?"

Someone asked me this question the other day.

And I actually hesitated.

Then I slowly answered, "Well…we have two here with us right now, but our third one is in Ethiopia. Soon we'll get to find out who he or she is."

It was an amazing feeling. I have no idea who our next child is, but he or she is already taking up residence in my heart. Simply wonderful.

Monday, October 3, 2011

yard sale!

It's time for our first adoption fundraiser - a yard sale!  We'll be setting up shop on Saturday, October 22nd.

Now don't get me wrong, our family has plenty of junk sitting in the attic, but we don't have anywhere near enough to make a dent in that big, scary number (aka, our first payment).  We're gladly taking donations in the form of "treasures/junk" that can be sold in our yard sale.  OR you can just come by and buy it all up.  :)

If you'd like to donate anything please let me know!