Saturday, January 28, 2012


I can think of no better way to get these random thoughts to mesh together into a somewhat cohesive-sounding post than to use…you guessed it, bullets.
Here goes.

  • We sent off our fingerprints to the FBI to run our criminal history checks on January 11th because they told us it would take 12-14 weeks to get them back. We got them back January 24th. What is this insanity? Something that is actually happening smoothly and quickly?!
  • Brandon is quickly transitioning between two jobs right now so that puts off our home study for just a few weeks. It's definitely for the best, so no biggie. What's a few weeks when you're looking at a 24-month-long "big picture?"
  • Brylie is convinced that she is going to get a little sister named "Africa." It's so darn cute to hear her talk about it that I don't have the heart to tell her that we simply cannot name our child that.
  • AGCI is changing up a few things so we've been assigned a new caseworker. I can already tell that I heart Soojin. She's going to be with us for the long haul, so how happy am I that she's awesome!?
  • Still trudging along with the paperwork…it's madness, I tell you.
  • Finished our online adoption education courses! There was lots of information about, well, a lot. Including common infectious skin diseases in orphanages. Like, a lot of information on this. Too much, perhaps. (Praying against that junk for our baby - and ALL babies). Sheesh.
  • We should be getting closer to having a t-shirt design soon! I'm hoping we can get this done pretty quickly since we have to write the Ethiopian government a big, fat check in June. As soon as we get things set up we can start pre-orders

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  1. Cant wait! I am so excited about your journey! It is an amazing one! Praise God for quick fingerprints! Thats some serious favor!! Whooohoo!